Cohen Yong light display "Being Born Again Couture" | Designers & artists collaborate novelly | Famous Australian models exhibiting the garments 

Famous galleries in America and Australia

Michael Lo Sordo & Christopher Horder collaboration: Lo Sordo's clean garments, Horder's bright paintings = a collaboration made in heaven | Runway show with a bunny for effect. 

Natalie Imbruglia, famous Australian singer, wearing a Being Born Again Couture/Lo Sordo/Horder skirt | Lo Sordo's new lookbook after the collaborations

Nicola Finetti & Guy Peppin collaboration: Finetti's  clean garments, Peppin's bright paintings = a collaboration made in heaven | Runway show | Jane Walker's CD cover

Natalie Gruzlewski, famous Australian presenter, wearing Pastel Mermaid Evening gown from Being Born Again Couture / Finetti/Peppin S/S 11/12 to the Logies in Australia

Lo Sordo and Finetti sales skyrocketed after utlising the Being Born Again Couture concept

2010 show featured (L to R): Miss Zahra Stardust juggling, J.D. Reformer & Rosie Deacon with their respective gold & animal installations, dancer

Andy Uprock with his ‘Cuprocking’ light display concept, a big "B" for "Being Born Again Couture" by Andy Uprock, the band MA, animal displays - bear by Sarah Breen Lovett & peacock by Susie Williams

A celebration of "wearable art": fashion designers and artists collaborating

Daniel Askill with his award-winning film 'We Have Decided Not To Die', Broadway singer Laura Lee Summerhill at The Empire State Building