Akira Isogawa (left photo) is one of Australia's most celebrated designers, achieving international recognition for his exquisite contemporary designs which draw from a variety of inspirations, notably his experiences growing up in Japan, Asian culture and ritual meditation activity.

Lindy Lee's (right photo) work investigates issues of selfhood, loss, impermanence and the formation of identity, being a Chinese Australian. Her work embodies a dramatic visual language of bold colours and gestures often combined with photographic images from various sources.

Isogawa's beautiful novel designs with Lee's courageous and intrepid artwork is luminously electrifying.

Akria & Lindy, beginning of collaboration, Jan 2010

Akira being interviewed at the show

Lindy & Davina

Akira's garments, 2009

Lindy Lee, Flames from the Dragon’s Pearl, 2009, Conflagrations From the End of Time (3) paper, fire     

Lindy Lee
Birth and Death, 2007

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

Akira Isogawa & Lindy Lee collaboration

Model: Samantha Harris. wearing the Being Born Again Couture collaboration, April 2010. 
Harris is an Australian Aboriginal indigenous fashion model - the first Australian international model and Australian Indigenous Fashion Week Ambassador 2014. Harris featured prominently during Australian Fashion Week 2010 and was on the front cover of Australian Vogue, June 2010

Marnie Skillings' abilities to combine a sophisticated feel for cut, colour, print and texture in her work with a very definite sense of fun are all underpinned by a strong narrative thread. 

Tracey Moffat's artwork has a loose narrative in which the artist explores mixed and sometimes obscure veiled references to sadomasochism, references to issues of sexuality, features experimental cinema, representation and race. Tracey Moffatt's work is also at the MoMA.

Skillings' elegant, descriptive designs work well with Moffat's deliberate determined persona for distress and shock value.

Marnie Skillings & Tracey Moffatt collaboration

Model: Samantha Harris wearing the Being Born Again Couture collaboration, April 2010.

Davina & Marnie in March

Marnie at the show

Marnie's garments, 2009

Tracey Moffatt
Invocations #2, 2000 

Tracey Moffatt
Joni Mitchell, 2006

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

Nicola Finetti's designs encompass sensuality in a modern silhouette. He creates pieces which express individually, 

femininity, invention ofstrength through his use of opulent fabrics.

Guy Peppin's work expresses deep emotions through simple forms or colour that take us beyond the forms of everyday life. His work is an invitation to a conversation, a dialogue through colours and forms, spiritual energy and sensuality, but also uncertainty as to what they are and what they mean.

Finetti and Peppin are an exceptional match as they both explore the inner self and embrace beauty and sensuality.

Finetti transferred these skills to the Australian Fashion Week in May 2010 - 2011. Finetti used Peppin's prints for his fashion collection in Spring/Summer 2010/11.

Nicola Finetti & Guy Peppin collaboration

Nicola's garments, 2009

Guy Peppin
Return to Sender, 2009
What Are the Only Things We Ever Own

Guy Peppin 
Return to Sender, 2009
To XX, Venezuela, 2009

Liverpool Street Gallery


Inspired by design concepts from past and present, reworking traditional silhouettes, Michael Lo Sordo creates for the individual who appreciates effortless style with a unique, modern, design edge.

Chris Horder's work continually explores visual fields of colour patterns and camouflaged patterns. Horder opens up a new language for art making, as the works take the viewer to an otherworldly realm and consciousness.

Lo Sordo's passion for natural fabrications and uniquely exquisite prints work beautifully with Horder's stylish aesthetic, created in April 2010 for the Being Born Again Couture show.

Lo Sordo transferred these skills to the Australian Fashion Week in May 2010. Lo Sordo used Horder’s prints for his fashion collection in Spring/Summer 2010/11 (Beyond the, Liverpool Street GalleryFashionising and Le BlackBook).

Michael's garments, 2009

Christopher Horder
The Random Walk 
The Bird has Flown

Christopher Horder
Berlin Zeit
Chippendale Sky, 2010

Christopher Horder
Berlin Zeit
Long December, 2010

Liverpool Street Gallery

Michael and the number 9 creation

Lo Sordo 
& Christopher Horder collaboration

Michael's lookbook, transformed, June 2010

Michael's garments, trasnaformed, with Christoper Horder's print, May 2010 at Australian Fashion Week


Tim O'Connor has garnered a reputation for creating modern clothing with a timeless daring aesthetic. He is inspired by a mix of brave prints, luxury fabric finishes and sharp tailoring, mixed with a soft feminine style. 

Debra Dawes combines simplicity of form with the complex of seeing, feeling and thinking. Her geometric, simple systems embody the legacy of formalist and conceptual practices, enabling an invigorated perceptual response based on the philosophy of inclusion. 

O'Connor's effortlessly stylish outfits that use bold prints and colours and understated, chic tailoring go brilliantly with Dawes's bold, minimalist artwork.

Tim O'Connor & Debra Dawes collaboration

Tm's garments, 2009

Model: Myf Shepherd (Next Model Management and Chic Management)

Debra Dawes
Double Dealing, 2007

Debra Dawes
Dazzel Camoflage, 2008

Museum of Contempory Art


Dhini takes her inspiration from things as diverse as a movement in art, a piece of music, the shape and structure of an everyday object, theories and concepts or words and ideas by inspiring writers.

Pat Brassington's images are at once charming and menacing. They rouse a sense of disquiet as they subtly and humorously scratch at the underbelly of the human condition.

Dhini's ethereal designs compliment Brassington's surreal photographs. The emotive connection is effectively conveyed through the tone of their work.

Dhini & Pat Brassington

Model: Ema Taylor

Dhini's garments, 2009

Pat Brassington
Forget your perfect offering, 2008

Pat Brassington
Lucid, 2008 

ARC one gallery


Leigh Schubert epitomises sensual femininity while maintaining an urban edge that makes them so satisfying and appealing to a broad audience. Her collections are timeless, sophisticated and feminine.

Susan Andrews is inspired by the night sky and time travelling. Andrews researches the way the stars align and the lucid patterns they create. 

Schubert's trendy designs compliment Andrews' intrigue of light and translucent layering of colour.

Leigh Schubert & Susan Andrews 

Model: Stephanie


Leigh's garments, 2009 

Susan Andrews, 2009



CASI((O)) ONO regards himself as a blank canvas and he sees his outfits and designs as a way of creating and moulding himself into becoming a human work of art.

In a world bombarded with visions of the end of humanity as it currently exists, artist ANTO’s entrancing, sensual images offer an alternative conception ofthe possibility for life and evolution in a post-apocalyptic context.

CASI((O)) & ANTO are the creative minds behind "The Carnival of Electric Illusions", a monthly Sydney based performance and fashion night. Together, they echo the kaleidoscopic colours, create a multi-sensory aesthetic experience for the viewer.

CASI((O)) ONO & ANTO collaboration


CASI((O)) ONO and ANTO at the show

CASI((O)) ONO's garments, 2009

ANTO, 2009


In the inaugural showing of Being Born Again Couture Show, a D&Em Pink Corset by Luke Staley of Aconleigh and bejeweled stockings by Anna Shin were launched.
Electrifying new artists' including Susan Andrews, Andrew Hopkins and Parris Dewhurst have been incorporated into the collection alongside designers Shayli Harrion & Mies Nobis.

D&Em's unique aesthetic sets a new course for fashion by linking new artists and designers in a unique and ongoing creative enterprise. 
Their collection is a revolutionary new fashion that is more than just apparel with local established artists. It is ready to wear art. 
Creating styles that are whimsical, contradictory, yet confident with appealing feminine aesthetics, the D&Em label's focus is on the crazy, yet the beautiful, the obsessive, yet the controlled. The colours of art and the shapes of fashion collide into a united explosion of texture and style, creating cohesive enchantments. 

Designers, D&Em: Davina Reichman Schuck, Shayli Harrison, Luke Staley, Mies Nobis, CASIO((O)) ONO, Anna Shin

Artists, D&Em: ANTO, Anderw Hopkins, Parris Dewhurst, Susan Andrews, Juz Kitson and her ceramics shown at the Being Born Again Couture show

(Left) Headpeices for the Being Born Again Couture show by Shayli Harrison

(Right) D&Em dress

Pink Corset by Luke Staley and bejeweled stockings by Anna Shin

D&Em dresses

Bodice and Lips by Luke Staley, bejeweled stockings by Anna Shinand painting by Susan Andrews

Shayli Harrison creation, painting by ANTO

D&Em dress by Meis Nobis creation, painting by Parris Dewhurst

Shayli Harrison creation, painting by Susan Andfrews

Rose Vickers modeling, painting by Parris Dewhurst

Emily "Emerald" Fitzgerald and Parris Dewhurst modeling, painting by Andrew Hopkins


Jack Cowell modeling, painting by Andrew Hopkins

Davina modeling D&Em skirt by Anna Shin, painting by Susan Andrews


Davina modeling D&Em dress by Luke Staley of Alconleigh, painting by Susan Andrews at the Being Born Again Couture show

Davina modeling D&Em dress and facinator, artwork inspired by Lara Merrett 


Rose Vickers modeling, painting by Parris Dewhurst

Lulu in Chains represents the elegant rebel, femininity with an edge, and stems from a belief that clothing must enhance the woman. Blurring the boundary between wild-child and girl next door, tomboy and ballerina, designer Shadi Tambrchi's collection epitomises the idea - "Because Life is Too Short to Wear a Dull Dress"

Lulu in Chains creates well made, fashion-forward clothing which contrasts with Emily's slightly amateur self-portrait works.
Emily was of the assistants of the Being Born AgaIn Couture fashion show in 2010, during her 3rd year art student studies.

Lulu in Chains & Emily Fitzgerald collaboration

Model: Dimity

Lulu in Chains' garments, 2009

Emily Fixgerald, self portrait, 2009

Emily modeling a dress made to her specifications and design by Anna Shin, painting by Emily Fitzgerald, bejeweled stockings by Anna Shin at the Being Born Again Couture show

Special thanks to:

Venue: National Art School (NAS), Sydney, Australia

Photographers: Hamish TaMè (studio shots of models), Jessica Klingelfuss (outdoor shots of models) and Aundray Cheam (runway shots of models)

Models: Chic Management

Make-up: Napoleon Perdis

Shoes: Betts

Chris Taylor, MC at the Being Born Again Couture show

Fenella Kernebone, ABC TV's persenter/interviewer at the Being Born Again Couture show

Shadi Tambrchi of Lulu in Chains being interviewed